"Life is a natural phenomena, you have to understand it naturally. Adding artificial meanings to life makes it a lump of egressing shit - you can't hold it long."
- Abhijit Das

Hi there, My name is Abhijit Das. I am an atheist philosopher. Naturalism is both my political and religious view. In this article you will know about my present identity, everyday I get change and often make changes to this article too. And keep myself alive. Oh! How can you know what I meant by keeping alive, keeping alive is nothing but existing. Existing in any form. It’s nothing to do with the so called life and death.

Now come to my gender, I am a queer person. Though I am not a psychological male but still I prefer the prononun ‘he’. Yeah, I had preferred ‘ze’ for a few days, but I wouldn't got used to it and decided to go with ‘he’. So, you can use ‘he’ to denote me but not Mr. or things like bro, dada, bhai etc. Please avoid all these words. I have a name, Abhijit, pronounce/type it to call/denote me.

I am a writer, blogger, coach and a lifelong student. I teach literature and writing. You can find my courses here. So far, I had contributed to two poetry anthologies and currently working (for over 2 years;-/) on my next book ‘Atmoghati Chander Buri’. You can read my poems here.

So, this is me. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.